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Custom Metal Work

Have you ever had a design or product sketch in mind but no one to build it without charging an arm and a leg? Many machine shops have tons of overhead that must be priced in to cover costs. Here at Ross Mfg., it’s different.  You send us your metal part or component drawing (or the part itself), we draw it in AutoCAD to confirm accuracy, manufacture it to its specs, and send you your finished products without ever having an expensive engineer designing it for you. I like to think of our business concept like a “Pull-It-Yourself” junk yard, when you do part of the work yourself, it saves you money. 

Additionally, Ross Mfg being an O.E.M. (original equipment manufacturer)covers its operating costs with its material handling conveyors and accessories. Our administrative overhead is already covered by our normal business practices, again, saving you money. To ensure the lowest possible prices, no office over-head is ever priced into our custom metal products.

Upload your sketches, drawings, or photos of your custom products or components, and let us show you how much you can save. Custom doesn’t have to equal expensive prices anymore.

As many know, Ross manufactures an extensive line of material handling equipment and accessories, and has been doing so for over 60 years. But, we have also been manufacturing custom metal products and components for numerous industries throughout those same years. In addition to fabricating, welding, and painting services, we are also a wholesale metal provider for many local and regional customers. Examples of metal sales include, but not limited to, pipe and tubing, expanded metal, perforated metal, galvanized and stainless products, auger flighting, pipe flanges, and of course, mild steel in all forms.   

Having our own machine-shop in house helps to control costs of the entire project to save our customers time and money. A few pieces of machinery we have on hand include, 10’ x ½” mild hydraulic shear, CNC turret punch, numerous lathes and iron workers, spot welders, mig welders, CNC plasma table, and 3 slip-rolls for rolling various sheet metals into tubes, barrels, cones, etc.…

At Ross Mfg., we are constantly striving to improve our working relationships with our customers. So if at any time you are in need of drafting services or custom metal products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-874-1935 or email patrick@rossmfgco.com.


Follow these links to see examples of our custom metal work:

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